AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring

AquaTraction Difference

AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring

the industry’s best non-slip boat flooring material


Experience the Aqua Traction difference. Our marine foam enhances the comfort, style and durability of your boat. Aquatraction provides increased longevity, 100% stain resistance, no peeling or shrinking, heat & sun resistance (100% PE), safety, precision and 100% closed cell material.

Polyethylene Foam provides superior traction, comfort, and style! It's precision cut for your boat or yacht using a CNC machine. It is backed with UV protected, pressure sensitive. With AquaTraction theres no need to worry about messes on your boat. If you're looking for a no maintenance option, 100% stain resistant, easy to clean flooring that feels good on your feet. This durable non-slip resistance surface flooring is designed to withstand harsh marine environments with the traction wet or dry.

Our AquaTraction 100% PE foam is best described as the carbon fiber of the marine flooring industry. It is made with a 100% closed-cell, cross-linked synthetic resin. Our competitors use an open cell foam (EVA based or an EVA-blend) that is not entirely closed cell and will allow items such as dirt and liquid to soak in. Additionally, our foam withstands high heat that doesn’t allow for shrinking.

Through proprietary glue, tooling and other technical resources, we assure your floor foam will be accurately cut and adhere securely to your boat. We also uphold the fastest completion times in the industry, meaning you will return to the waters in no time!